How to volunteer in Nepal for Free

First of all, think about what you can and want to do and where you want to go.  If you want to volunteer in Nepal – you are at the right place! We will guide you from the first day on, without having you pay for this service.

What can you do – we need volunteers in three main categories.

First – Physical Work:

From building shelters, painting fences, digging wells to installing electric wires for schools or water supply devices …  we are literally always building something somewhere! Join and help us. We found this is a also good way to get involved if you can commit only for a short time.

Second – Teaching:

From English Teacher, Computer Teacher,  Programmer and Web Designer – we need you teach the people of Nepal and prepare them to the new world with English as a key language and the”computer” as the main tool. Show them what can be done with it!

Please kindly understand that we can only accept volunteers for teaching that will be able to stay 1 month minimum.  We have learned that shorter placements can cause more unsettlement than they are actually helpful and that this may not be putting your skills to a good use. That said, please do not be disencouraged from contacting us if you are interested.  We often come across smaller tasks in our schools that may not involve teaching, such as fixing software problems on the school’s computers.

Third – Health:

We need therapists,  nurses  or doctors.  The rural regions as well as many shelters for disabled or elderly people are in urgent need of improving their health support. These projects often involve a reviewing step of the processes in health centers, followed by efforts of finding suitable and effective solutions to improve the standard of care under the given circumstances and  training the staff accordingly.

Fourth- You might know better than us:

We are open to suggestions! If you are an agricultural engineer, a meditation teacher, or have any other skill set that you believe can make a difference in our main fields of focus (education for women and children, people with disabilities, infrastructure improvements in rural areas), shoot us a email.  We have made unexpected and great experiences that led us to realize that we do not only need to find people for our projects, we also need to make sure good projects find their way to us.  Let’s talk about your ideas!


Bottom line is: We are looking for Volunteers to help us in multiple projects!  Some might require more time, some might require specific skill sets and sometimes we just need as many hands a possible to dig a very large whole…  Let’s find out what you can do and what you want to do to help! There will be no fees, but an incredible experience.

If you want to join us – contact free volunteering Nepal!