Our Vision

Free Volunteering Nepal does not charge any money to the volunteer or the community and we do not see any reason why money should be part of the equation: There is no reason why people truly looking for help from volunteers for specific tasks or projects in their community should charge money.  Also, there is no reason why a volunteer should pay for volunteering, as he/she is already investing valuable time and efforts. So with no money to gain, we have a simple and effective way to make sure that people indeed looking for help are getting help. Moreover, we can make sure that our volunteers get the chance to actually help and make a difference.

Free Volunteering Nepal focuses on  small remote communities. Our Nepali members are constantly visiting remote areas due to their every-day job at a trekking agency.  They know many of the local families, the communities, and their struggles for more than 10 years. This gives us the opportunity to facilitate on-spot support for communities we know well and have people we know well look after our volunteers to make sure you have the best experience. During trekking, they frequently pass by at the villages without notice, can have a look at the progress of our projects and make sure things are going the right way. They can raise awareness for our program in the very remote areas and inform local the people about this new opportunity  to get help from volunteers for their village or school. We, the European members of Free Volunteering Nepal, are then preparing a project outline and putting it on our website.