Empowerment of Disabled Women

Living as disabled women is an incredible challenge in Nepal. We, the European members of free volunteering Nepal, were deeply moved by the heart-breaking experiences these women had to make and their incredible strength, fighting their way out of the dark place society has put them in.

This project aims to support homes for disable women which provide not only shelter and food, but education and training.  Such facilities are life-changing, as they enable the women to generate their own income, become independent from support, and live their own lives. Even more, it can allow women who wish to do so to return to their poor families, not being an unbearable burden anymore.

We are urgently looking for volunteers to support a home for the disabled women in Kathmandu run by the EPSA foundation (see http://www.epsanepal.org/ for more details on the organization). There are lots of things to do as the working place and equipment has to be transferred from the shed the women are currently living in, to a proper building.  The area around the shed is flooded during monsoon and hardly allows any privacy.  The new building is not yet finished and helping hands are most welcome. Furthermore, we are always looking for volunteers able to assist women with disabilities, or to review the EPSA website. These are just the most urgent matters, for more details please contact us directly.

This project is supported by Ganesh’s organization Social Voyage Nepal: