Embrace the Spirit of Giving back in the New Year – with Free Volunteering Nepal!

Dear Friends s,

As we step into the promising year of 2024, the team of Free Volunteering Nepal sends you all warm greetings. The past year has been good and we want to thank everybody for helping us to make to world a bit better than before. With your compassion we made a remarkable impact to many communities!

We would like to continue our work and we invite you to join us on an incredible journey of volunteering in the heart of the Himalayas.

Free Volunteering Nepal, driven by the belief that kindness knows no boundaries, opens its arms wide to welcome new volunteers seeking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the Nepali people. Our organization operates on the principle that volunteering should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial constraints. In the spirit of solidarity, we proudly want to continue with our motto – no fees, just you giving directly!

Nepal, with its stunning landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, beckons those with a passion for making a difference. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or considering your first venture into the world of service, our programs offer a diverse range of opportunities to contribute your skills, time, and energy toward sustainable community development.

To become a part of our volunteer family, visit our website www.freevolunteeringnepal.org and discover the countless ways you can contribute to a brighter future.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and here’s to a year filled with purpose, growth, and the joy of giving!

Warm regards, Happy New Year and Namaste

Free Volunteering Nepal Team

Travel restricitions for Nepal

You have decided to volunteer in Nepal? Good! What will you need?

  1. Double vaccinated and you are good to go.
  2. If you are not vaccinated you can provide a negative test, but we wouldn’t recommend to travel in this case.

What is the current situtiation (April-2022):

– The covid cases are low. Still please be cautions.
– Traval advice: Be cautions. The political situatuion is unstable and a high level of cautious is advice. Please reach out anytime if you need any help!

Can I travel and volunteer in Nepal?

TLDR: Yes! Nepal has lifted most of the restriction for vaccinated travellers and you can get ready to volunteer in Nepal now! We encourage only fully vaccinated volunteers to travel to Nepal to protect the Nepalese People and your self.

After a long time of lockdowns and staying safe you can now officially travel to Nepal as covid numbers are dropping and low. For fully vaccinated travellers Visa on Arrival are available again. This means you two weeks after the last shot you are welcome on the roof of the world.

From September 24, all fully-vaccinated foreigners arriving in Nepal via air or land border can receive on-arrival visas. There is no mandatory quarantine. This means you two weeks after the last shot you are welcome on the roof of the world.

You will need a negative RT-PCR or Gene Expert or True NAAT test to travel as stated in the new travel protocol. Add your details to the mandatory travellers from and you are all set to travel to Nepal. On arrival you will need to take another mandatory antigen or rapid antigen tests at immigration. And that’s it – you are ready to go and discover this beautiful country and help the people by volunteering.

What you need to travel to Nepal

Please find an overview what you will need to be go to Nepal in detailed list

  1. Being fully vaccinated 14 days before you start and proof it by an official certificate like for e.g Canada, European Union
  2. Get a PCR-test 72 hours before you fly (calculate your testing time)
  3. Filled out international Traveler Online Arrival Form
  4. get an antigen test on arrival
  5. get your Visa on arrival
  6. Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal

And that’s it 🙂

If you have any more question please get in contact with us!

For more details if you can travel, depending on your country and your travel history – just check if you allowed to travel to Nepal here.

Nepal has restricted travel

Department of Immigration announces that all borders are closed and visa-on-arrival are suspended

Please update your information about how to travel to Nepal!

Considering the declaration of the World Health Organisation regarding the scale of COVID-19 / Corona spread as a pandemic Nepal has restricted travelling. This will be from today, March 13 2020. We will try to keep you posted.

Before you start your travels to Nepal please double check current restrictions with the Nepal Embassy and/or the Department of Immigration. In addition always get in touch with your local guide or travel agency to get most recent updates about your travels.

These restriction will affect your volunteering, your Everest Base Camp Trek, going to Mustang and every other remote area.

Please stay safe and healthy! We will keep you updated regarding the next steps and if the situation has changed.

The power of pictures :)

Janine is a professional photographer from Canada and greatly contributed as a photographer and English teacher in the Shree Shradha Women School. In Ganesh’s own words: “Janine is really a genuine volunteer girl”.


Janine did a great job in teaching the basics of the English language to our female students and was very kind and patient.







Janine also took amazing pictures of the students from Shree Shradha Women School! This is a group picture of grade IV.



Moreover, Janine’s pictures caught many great moments in our recent achievements and many great people that support our efforts for a better future for disadvantaged communities in Nepal.

Janine took this very nice picture of the recent computer donations to the Shree Mahendrodaya Secondary School made possible by our volunteer Sherie.



She also documented the great moment when the first batch of students from the Shre Shradha Women School passed the SEE in 2018.


In addition, Janine visited the Nepal Dwarfs Association and took pictures for their new website. She took beautiful pictures of the Nepal Dwarfs Association working committee members as well as general members.

This is a group  picture of the Nepal Dwarfs Association.

Janine trying to take the picture of the president of Dwarf Association  (नेपाल होचा पुड्का संघ) Mr. Nirmal.




An amazing picture of Mr. Nirmal taken by Ms. Janine.

Ms. Janine trying to take the picture of the secretary of the Dwarf Association Mr. Lekh.




Mr. Lekh , secretary of the secretary of the Nepal Dwarfs Association, through the lens of Janine.

Mr. Nirmal, the president of the  Nepal Dwarfs association, is confident that these pictures taken by Janine will help to promote their website in support of the entire dwarf community of Nepal.

Many thanks to you, Janine, and your ability to see the beauty in people.

Major progress in the “Computer Labs for Schools” program!

It’s our great pleasure today to tell you a little bit about our very special volunteer, Sherie from the USA.

Sherie had a big birthday coming up and instead of presents for herself, she had the great and very kind idea to ask her friends to bring items to donate to students or needy communities in Nepal. Her kind-hearted friends supported this vision by heart and helped her collect 11 laptops in total. Imagine what this means to us, 11 laptops!

Not only did Sherie spend all this time and effort at home, she personally brought the laptops to Kathmandu.








One of our local supporters, Pristine Nepal treks and Expeditions, coordinated a formal laptop handover ceremony to raise awareness for the kind donation and the work of Free Volunteering Nepal. A great success, as the ex-joint secretary of the Nepali Government, Mr. Deep Bdr Adhikari, joined the celebration.

Everyone was so excited to see “Mrs. Sherie” (as Ganesh kindly refers to her) hand over 10 computers to Mr. Kumar Nepali, Principal of Shree Mahendrodaya Secondry School in Dhading!


This large school’s computer lab has been destroyed by the 2015 earthquake and we could so far only help by repairing some old desktop computers, that remined of poor usefulness due to the very frequent power cuts in the region. The donated laptops will now enable regular computer lessons, that won’t be interrupted by power cuts, and will be extremely fruitful to teach practical computer knowledge to the students.

Mrs. Sherie seemed to have fulfilled a dream of hers when she helped these rural students gain access to ample opportunities by learning computer skill using these computers. This indeed is of great importance to the future of these students, as the tourist sector and office work are the main independent job sources in Nepal, but our rural kids often cannot compete for these jobs with kids from urban regions that have access to better schools and computer training.


Mrs. Sanumati Rai (President) and Mrs. Anjana Shrestha (Principal) of the Shree Shradha Women Alternative School in Nagarjun Municipality near Kathmandu were very excited to receive one more laptop donated by Sherie.



The students are very happy about this single laptop, which will transform their computer lessons: Now the computer teacher is able to demonstrate the use of a computer and to teach practical skills. Before, the lessons were entirely based on school books containing pictures of screenshots. The school management has expressed their great hope in that the donated laptop will finally enable the women to learn and even apply basic computer knowledge, which will provide them a significant advantage for finding future employment

After Sherie handed over all the laptops herself, she then volunteered in the Shree Shradha Women Alternative’s School, Nagarjun, Municipality of Kathmandu as an English Teacher.

You can see how much Sherie loved to teach and how much the students enjoyed listening to her native tones when she taught pronunciation of English words.



Sherie, we could not be more thankful to you. Your kind help will never be forgotten.