One step at a time: Iron Railing painted

The Canadian Volunteer Maya joined our team to help building the new EPSA Center. For children safety new iron railings where built and painted with black color.

 Iron railing now looks so nice and it would be long lasting!
Canadian Volunteer help building the new EPSA Center

Now the iron railings are save from damaging by rust and will look very nice for the many years we need them to last.  Every day Maya  walked from our residence Mhepi to EPSA construction centre in Goldhunga, Purano Guheswori- Kathmandu. Thank you for your help, Maya!

Much is done, but more is to do. If you want to join volunteering in Nepal – contact us!

EPSA Construction Centre

In March 2018 the Swiss Volunteer Paula helped to build stonewalls for the new EPSA Centre.  Sweating and breathing she did a lot on the behalf of needy ones! We thank her for her work and her efforts

Volunteer help to improve the EPSA Center

There has been more construction work happening at EPSA construction center  in Goldhunga, Purano Guheswori – Kathmandu.  It was mostly labor work Paula contributed. She carried stone to make wall and make an effort to help the people in Nepal. More work is to do and we need more help – so if you want to work for a better Nepal and join volunteering – contact us!