Construction site of EPSA is improving

Thanks to the help of Jorge from Spain, who volunteered for six weeks in April at the  construction site of EPSA in Tarakeswar has greatly improved.

Due to the lack of machines it was a great  having more hands to carry the bamboo baskets filled with stones, clay and wood.  These traditional Nepali Basket are called Doko and are used for any imaginable purpose. From carrying to digging and sometimes even for fishing.

Jorge hepled with a great passion, was dedicated and we are  are proud of having his help and his great contribution on the behalf of EPSA Nepal.

When the center is finished it will sheltered women with different special needs,  providing training,  employment and empowerment.

The move is already planed and we are all looking forward to this day.  Moving out from the old and rented place to the new place which can provide the necessary infrastructure. Which was build with the help of many volunteers in the last two years – Thanks for your help!

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  1. i also like to thank Jorge , who volunteered for six weeks in April at the construction site of EPSA in Tarakeswar.He is a good man and always remains. Spain will be proud my friend.

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