Ensure Water Supply in Nepal

Water is life!

We helped in many ways to improve the water supplies in Nepal. For building infrastructure, helping to ensure the supply of fresh water and make the hard life in the rural region of Nepal a little bit easier we need your help!

Ganesh – clearly the hardest working member of Free Volunteering Nepal!

In the mountain regions of Nepal water is very important. Instead of carrying water bucket by bucket we try to bring wells and pipes to this regions of Nepal. Step by step the life improves, crops can be irrigated, and people have a better living.



The infrastructure provide the help the people of Nepal are needing. We are working together and with the people of the region. Instead of thinking about how we would solve problems we ask them what is a problem and how we can be supportive and getting things they really mater to be done.

A very special Thanks to Ganesh who helped, took care and managed in an incredible amount of work to improve the life of so many people in Nepal!

Thank you so much!

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